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My name is Amri Littlejohn, and I am currently a graduate of the University of Oklahoma at the College of Arts and Sciences in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I was a member of the Speech and Debate team, volunteered at a mosque weekly, enjoyed competitive swimming at school, and swam in both the Olympics and the US and Olympic World Championships.

I will be studying African American history at either the University of Oklahoma or Howard University. I hope to attend either a university in Oklahoma or a university in Central Oklahoma in the fall of 2020.

Poetry can be a bit scary, but it can help people express their needs. There are not enough people who see poetry as a creative and expressive outlet, so I hope to help demystify and make it accessible by talking about why poetry is such an important part of my life and a few tools that help make poetry rich and complex. Growing up in a music-loving family and fascinated by the search for the secrets of life, I developed a passion for helping others find the key to happiness in music. It fascinates me and I am fascinated by the idea that we are all looking for these secrets in our lives.

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Buying a work of art is an investment and we would like to discuss the possibilities of customized print formatting for you. Do you want help choosing the frame options or just want to have a chance to get a better idea of what a particular piece of art on your wall would look like? If you have any questions you would like answered before placing your order, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

All our prints are on acid - free paper with archival ink, which guarantees that they will survive for a lifetime without fading or loss of color. To get an idea of the quality of the prints, please read our review of all our works and read our reviews of your work.

A high gloss acrylic plate complements the rich color of the image and delivers amazing results. A high-gloss aluminum sheet, which complements the vibrant colors of our pictures and the high quality of acrylic on aluminum sheets, gives a breathtaking result. High gloss acrylic panels complement the richer colours in our photos and are complemented by the bright colour in the colour palette of a wide range of materials to achieve stunning results.

A stunning work of art made from high gloss acrylic sheets, high gloss aluminum sheets and a variety of materials for added depth, makes a stunning and unique work of art.

The imprint has a white border of 1 '' around the image, which allows future framing and felting if desired. If you request an improved frame option before purchasing, you can use the same high gloss acrylic plates and high gloss aluminum plates to create the finished framed print. Jenks Oklahoma Cityscape artwork is available in a variety of sizes and lengths, from stretched canvas to available frame / matting options. To show you some of the additional frame options, we will show you the top-class frame options in the coming weeks.

This will result in a high quality print with a wide range of colors, textures and textures on the surface of the print. This will lead to an accurate depiction of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in all its glory.

Note that the framing and matting increase the final size of the actual piece. The display image shown in this listing is not the ultra-high resolution image used to create your final print. Etsy file size restriction requires displaying low resolution images, but it's only enough to give you an idea of what your tab will look like. All purchase sizes shown in this list are only photos of your print, not framing or MATTING.

This black and white photo is a collaboration between Winship and her friend and fellow artist J.D. Bresson from Oklahoma City. The photo was taken in 2011, the year in which she won the Prix Henri Cartier - Bresseson, and since then she has toured the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Russia, China and Australia for a year.

With the help of black and white photographs, she approached the subject as an artist who worked with poetic sensitivity and turned a skewed view of geopolitical reality. She also realized that it served its purpose by encouraging viewers to move from real-time to memory. In the end, I hope you will be able to pick up and interpret the subtle nuances of this poetry, and this will make you enjoy it.

More About Jenks

More About Jenks